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      Marc Feinberg is spirit filled, passionate & purpose driven. Coach Marc helps clients to activate the power of belief in every area of life by taking personal responsibility and standing as the “cause”. Personal Responsibility is the #1 principle to all human success and achievement! Marc transforms roadblocks into building blocks and inspires new standards of thinking & behavior creating outstanding outcomes with all of his clients.

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He is the best selling author of The Secret Money Pill ~ “Prescriptions For Designing A Debt Free Company”. Marc is a Corporate Trainer, Sales and Enrollment Expert, a Customized Keynote Speaker and his #1 passion in life is to help his clients to accelerate personal healing from years of pain and past failure in one single day with his signature experience called:                      “The Day of Destiny”.


Marc is a man on a mission”



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Marc is an inspirational leader whose passion is contagious



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Coach Marc is the Real Deal.” 




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5X Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield 

Olympic Gold Medalist             Henry Tillman 

Swedish Athlete of the Year     Robert Karlsson 

Woman’s Mojo Specialist           Debra Kagan

Bahamian Royalty  Angelika Christie

Functional Lifestyle Expert  Dr.Rachel Yan 


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Coach Marc is a leading results coach to men, women, athletes, and entrepreneurs all across America. 

Evander Holyfield calls him “one of the top breakthrough coaches in the world and someone that is genuine and sincere about his love for serving others”. “Marc is the Real Deal”​

Marc Feinberg is the Founder of Coach Marc LLC a seminar and training company that helps clients to set new standards in their life.

Coach Marc is a leader in the transformation space offering Full Power Days to individuals and organizations, mastermind groups, sales trainings and customized keynote speeches. 

Marc wakes up each and every day with only one thing on his mind- “Who will be transformed today”? There is no greater purpose for Marc then to stand in the gap for his clients to breakthrough their limiting beliefs and create the life that they truly desire and deserve.​

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Our mission at Crown Financial Solutions is to set our clients FREE
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The mission at Publishing Ninjas is to help everyone in the world share their life story and their life lessons with their heroes or on a specific topic while providing hope and inspiration to all of humanity.​


By Marc Feinberg

The Masters: Champions of Business


         Welcome to the age of specialization. The EXPERT era as I like to call it. We live in the most affluent and comfortable era in the history of mankind. It has all come about due to specialization. For the do-it-yourselfer this is a blessing and a curse. I remember changing the spark plugs in my car and giving it a tune up. I even recall putting a new carburetor on. Those days are long gone – do cars even have carburetors any longer? Most tasks now require unique skills and experience to solve unique problems and issues. Experts we call them.

On the pages that follow are just such a group of people, experts all with the experience, education and skills to match. You’ll hear stories of challenge and conflict, you’ll get expert advice that could cost you thousands of dollars, and our hope is that you will also be encouraged to be the expert in your field that someone else needs YOU to be.



Motivational Speakers America: The Indispensable Guide to America’s Business and Motivational Speakers


          There are a lot of books about how to be a great motivational speaker, but nothing like this book that showcases 88 international public speakers on a mission to create more success for more people every day. Great books work on many levels – and that is true of the Motivational Speakers book series. Learn more about enormously successful motivational speakers, such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Allan Pease, Amanda Gore and world champions like Robby Foldvari and Shelley Taylor-Smith. 

         Motivational speaking is not just about financial success. A truly great Motivational speaker encourages you to reach your full psychological and economic potential. The keynote speakers in Motivational Speakers Australia range the spectrum from giving excellent business advice, inspiration for living well, and practical, actionable advice on performance for success.



The Secret Money Pill: Prescriptions For Designing A Debt Free Company


         Is anything in life really a secret? King Solomon once wrote “there is nothing new under the sun”. Thinking thoughts that are right and true and living consistently day in and day out is the key to both personal and professional success. The Secret Money Pill was written to assist you in discovering the limiting beliefs that may be blocking your overall success. Without personal breakthrough, professional greatness and financial freedom may never be realized at any greater level than you currently achieve in your business life today. 

         Discover how you can create a brand new corporate identity that will inspire and influence the consistent growth necessary to achieve success & significance. Learn how to resolve corporate and personal debt, immediately increase cash flow, and regain your full power by taking personal responsibility that will inevitably result in designing a successful & sustainable future.



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